Targets and Action

Targets are essential for everyone involved in a project to be clear on its intention and if it has achieved it. Setting SMART Targets enables this to happen.

  • Targets are usually broken down from your overall project objectives.
  • While identifying targets, keep asking “Are you sure you can do this?”
  • Remember that targets are only guidelines, not rules set in stone. They can be deviated from and amended, but such changes should be understood and explained.
  • You should also ensure that everyone involved in the project is aware of these targets and the part they play in achieving them. As you will see in the powerpoint presentation, this is a key element in eliciting support and ownership.

Action planning is about taking each target and deciding who is going to do what, by when and in what order for the organisation to reach its strategic goals. Your organisation should have an overall action plan and each project, team and individual should have an action plan of their own.

Here are some examples of action planning templates;

Here are some Dos and Don’ts of Action planning.