Managing the project

There are many aspects involved in managing a project. The tools below will hopefully save you a great deal of time and make your management more effective:

Employing staff

This Model Contract is taken from LVSC's Website.

You may wish a prospective employee to undertake a health check prior to confirming the post. A Health Check Form is available here for you to use or amend.

If employees or volunteers will be working with young people or vulnerable adults, they must have a CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check. Details can be found at

Probation periods are normally 3 or 6 months, with the proviso that they can be extended. During this period, it is imperative to continually review and feedback to the probationer. Included here is a probation assessment form.

Supervision and Appraisal are key to ensuring good performance of staff. This powerpoint presentation describes their purpose.

Also included here are:

Supervision Contract Template
Supervision Notes Form, which includes a sample supervision agenda.
Two Appraisal Form Templates - Appraisal Form, Appraisal Form 2

Team meetings are essential for sharing work and getting support between colleagues. Here is a Sample Team Meetings Agenda.

You should have a budget for each project you are running or proposing. Virtually all funders will want to see this. Here is a Budget Template with Sample budget.

Monitoring Performance is an important part of managing a project. This short powerpoint presentation gives some guidelines and mechanisms for this.

Reporting is an essential element in keeping your management group, partners, colleagues and funders aware of your project's development. This Reporting powerpoint will hopefully help you to write clear and well structured reports. It is based on an excellent publication - 'Just About Managing' by Sandy Adirondack, LVSC, London, 2006
Another key issue, to prevent frustration from staff, is to limit bureaucracy within your organisation.

Information management is also important. This powerpoint slide gives you a list of modes of publicity whilst this word document gives you some information on targeting your publicity to young people.

For more information on employment practice, you can purchase the 'Good Employment Guide for the Voluntary Sector (4th Ed.)', Wendy Blake, NCVO, 2005.

You could also download the free PDF of 'A Guide to Good Employment', Lynn Anderson, NICVA, 2003. Whilst this refers to Northern Ireland legislation, its contents still relate well to UK organisations and it has the advantage of being free.

For volunteer management, the Church & Society Publication, 'Faithfully Volunteering' is downloadable as a word file here.

Finally, every organisation needs Policies, procedures and guidelines that set out the context for its work. Several are included here but, if you would like to share some of yours, please email us at