Working in Partnership

There are many different models of partnership working and you will need to think through which is right for you.

You should be clear at what level your project will be working. The pyramid model of intervention used in work with children and young people shows levels of intervention for preventative services. We would expect projects led by faith groups to work at Level 1 and 2, but not 3. You should be aware of this model as many agencies working with young people will use such terminology. Two scenarios for the type of situation a project may encounter are included here.

There are a number of key partners who you may consider linking with. For some, you will want to draw up a partnership agreement. Others may be about agreeing a method of referral or just require an informal agreement.

Co-ordination of a partnership is a key requirement if it is to be successful and there of several responsibilities an organisation or individual taking on partnership co-ordination needs to cover. Crucial in this is ensuring ownership of the project by all key partners, something that is difficult to achieve if not given due regard but invaluable if accomplished.

Partnership meetings – keeping focussed
– ID what each will provide
– partnership agreement sample
include fundraising together, staffing, referral etc.

Partnership working in practice – case study

Compacts for Greater Manchester are here